Monday, April 30, 2012

Karolin Margret Natasa video scandal

Name of the members of the House of Representatives Commission XI, which Margret Natasa suddenly lifted name. sitting in a chair at the House of Representatives since he was only 27 years old. Children younger than the current Governor of West Kalimantan stumble personal problems related to the circulation of a video scandal

Full Name:KAROLIN Margret Natasa, Dr.

No. member:A-397
Date of Birth:12 March 1982
Dapil:West Kalimantan

Positions in the fraction


Position in the House of Representatives


Completion tools

Consultative Body

Position in the MPR-RI


Positions in the Party

Vice Chairman for Political and winning elections PDI Leaders Struggle

scandal is confirmed, in fact this is not the first scandal involving the members of parliament. In 12-2006, scandals among members of a parliament Yahya Zaini's Golkar and dangdut singer Maria Eva appalling public. PDI-Struggle lawmaker Max Moein and Desi Vidyawati assistants also revealed in 2008. While rumors about the scandal engulfing MPs also MCC. A video with duration of 45 seconds shows a man with a mustache and beard like Anis Matta's face and a woman, both are seen naked, spread over in early March 2011. Anis and his party revealed that the video was kind of pollution in the name both for himself and his party. Other PKS lawmaker Arifinto caught watching a video in the middle por Parliament plenary session in April 2011. He argued that he did not intentionally or open it let alone watch video.scandal


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